Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Very Belated Happy Howl-o-ween!

Hello! Treasure here. I know it is waaaaaaaaaaay late for this, but Ellie just found some Howl-o-ween pictures of Rocky on her picture-machine card, and wanted to share some pictures of my brother Rocky in his Howl-o-ween costume at Ellie's work!

He looks really sad in some of these, but he actually is just concentrating really hard on his 'stay' command. It was a really distracting place with dogs and humans coming in and out of the building!

Here he is playing with Roger, one of the foster dogs from Fuzzy Pawz Rescue who has since been adopted!

We think he looks really cute!


  1. He's adorable!
    PS: My collar is from Hamish McBeth. It's called Lucy Black (there's also Lucy Pink and Red)

  2. Oh, it is so great to meet you guys!! Wow, you guys looks like you have TONS of funs! I just LOVE the Halloweenie costume! You are very tolerant. Ma was barely able to gets a pair of 'mouse ears' on my heads!!

  3. Bwhahahaha...I has a prisoner costume too. But da legs on mine is waaaaaay long...imagine dat.
    I wish I could get up to da counter like Rocky does, it would be a dream come true.


  4. I was SuperMan! BOL My first time popping by!


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