Thursday, January 26, 2012

Broken Tooth = Bad Day

Hello... Treasure here. Ellie noticed last night that my breath was smelling a bit... different. So she checked the inside of my mouth. I am pretty used to this, because she checks my mouth at least a few times a month. Usually more. Well, I am sad to report that one of my teeth is broken! There's some yucky tarter stuff built up on that side because I'm not using it as much to chew my food. I am on a raw diet, you see, so my teeth are usually in tip-top shape. Just so everybody knows... if you do the raw diet correctly, it does NOT cause broken teeth. Ellie says that this was just a freak accident. She didn't notice it right away because I'm not acting like I am in any pain. Here are pictures of both sides of my mouth to compare:

So now I have to go to the V-E-T. Ellie says that he is going to look at my teeth and make me feel better. I hardly ever have to go to the V-E-T to be checked out, because I am a very healthy dog due to my raw diet. I have only been twice before in my 5 years of life. Once for my puppy check-up, and the other to get spayed. (whatever that means) But, I have been to the office a few times before without getting checked out, so that I can get used to being there. It's not so bad... but I would much rather stay home. Oh well.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Taking Turns!

Hello! Treasure speaking! Tonight in our training session, we started learning a better way of taking turns! It is important for use to learn how to take turns really well so that we don't get into fights over the treats, and so that we don't distract the working dog while they are learning something new! It was difficult for us to just stay on the couch because it was such a big space, and we were confused as to where each of us were supposed to be. So, Ellie thought that maybe it would be more clear to us if she gave each of us an assigned bed to stay on while the working dog is training. Here are some pictures of our progress! We look kind of sad in these pictures, but we are really not! (Ellie says please don't mind the clutter in the background!)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Exercise is Important!

Well hellooooooo folks! Rocky here. Treasure is in quite the mood at the moment, so I thought I would fill in for her. *sigh* Sisters. Anyway... I want to tell you about my most favorite new toy! Ellie calls it the "Fox on a Stick", but I just call it fun fun fun! It's fluffy, it squeaks, and it MOVES! Yes, you read that right! It moves, and it's fast! I just love to chase fluffy things! Ellie says that exercise is really important for me, and that's why she made this toy. In fact, she says that exercise in one form or another is important for every dog. I've been going on a lot more walks, and have been playing with Fox on a Stick... and I now have the awesome physique to prove it! Just check this out ladies!

Ellie says that the exercise has been good for my brain too. Now that I think of it, I seem to be able to concentrate a bit better than I used to. I don't feel like I always have to pace back and forth through the house quite as much. Huh. Anyway... here are some pictures of me and the new toy!

I was actually able to catch it a few times. I just love catching this thing! I love to shake it around, and make flappy noises with it! It always manages to get away from me, though!

Ellie was laughing at me today while I was playing with it, because I was making really funny faces. Hey, I can't help it! I can't concentrate on what my face is doing when the fox is getting away from me, now can I? It was mostly my ears, anyway. Let's see her try to keep a straight face when SHE is chasing the fox.

Well, that's all I have to report today! If you like chasing fuzzy things, and have a lot of energy like me... I would encourage you to tell your humans that you would like a fox on a stick! If you are interested, Ellie says that all you need is a lunge whip used for horses (whatever that is), and a stuffing-free dog toy of your choice! It is totally worth it! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rocky's long lost sister?

So... Ellie groomed a dog today at our house, and we were all shocked by what we saw! Do they look similar to you?

Rocky says that it was like looking in a mirror. She looks like a feminine version of him. Her name is Trixie, and she was described as a "Beagle/Hound mix." They are about the same size too! She is from New York, though... so it's a pretty slim chance that they are related. But still...

Anyway, Ellie says that she was really sweet and well-mannered to groom. We hope to see more of her!

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's been a long time!

Hello everybody! It has been a really long time since I have posted anything! Ellie and I have been really busy dog training, grooming, and just generally having a good old time! There is one other thing that has been keeping us really busy. I have a new family! That's right... Ellie met a wonderful man human and got married!

Doesn't she look so happy? My new human's name is Devin, and he is a dog lover. In fact, I have two new dog brothers... Rocky and Amp! I struggled a little bit at first, but Ellie introduced us to each other slowly, and on neutral territory to make it easier for us. Now I love to play with both of them!



This is Amp. He is mostly long-haired dachshund, but he has a teeny tiny bit of chihuahua in him. He is about a year old, and he's full of energy! He reminds me of me when I was that age. Ellie says that he might make a good canine freestyle partner, because he has good focus on her, and tries to stay by her left leg while training... even though she has not taught him how to heel yet. He didn't really know much of anything before he met Ellie, but now he knows sit, down, stay, wait, recall, leave it, twirl (counter-clockwise circle), spin (clockwise circle), hand targeting, over (jump over legs), through (go under legs), and is working on loose leash walking. He is also learning how to chew on appropriate items, rather than pens, cardboard, plastic, and shoes. He is really good at getting me to play with him. Before I moved here, I had a hard time being in the mood to play... but Amp is an expert at inviting me to have a good romp. Ellie says I have started to act like a puppy again!

This is Rocky. He is a beagle mix of some sort. If any of you have any good guesses as to what else he might be, we would love to see them! He is about four years old, and has tons and tons of energy! Two long walks a day doesn't even come close to tiring this guy out! His excess energy comes out in anxiety, which causes Ellie some trouble getting him to focus while training. She has been trying to work on confidence building exercises with him with clicker training, and seems to have made a little bit of progress. Ellie wants to turn him into a frisbee dog, because he catches things really well! Although, he seemed to be a little bit afraid of the frisbee when she introduced it to him a couple of days ago. She'll work on it though, and get him to really like catching it! Before he met Ellie, he knew how to sit and lay down, but that's about it. Now he knows leave it, recall with very low distractions, stay, twirl, hand-targeting, watch me, shake, high five, roll over, over, and wait. Now he is working on loose-leash walking. He used to pull really really bad. So bad that Devin would have to wrap the leash around his hand several times to even keep a grip on it. Now he only pulls occasionally, and he will stop as soon as he realizes that he is doing it. Major improvement! He has a really hard time focusing, and will sometimes just wander away right in the middle of a training session... even with high-value treats, and his favorite toys as rewards. He is getting better, though.

Edit: Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I will try to post updates on all of our progress with training! I would love to hear from you all!