Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What We Do When Home Alone...

We finally got a new camera-machine and a new computer that can handle video! 

This is the first time that Ellie has taken video of us while nobody is home. This is the first video we have ever edited, so go easy on us! :)

By providing your dog with something to do while you are gone, you can prevent boredom and mild separation anxiety problems. A bored dog will find something to keep themselves entertained... and it's not always something that humans approve of.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rocky's New Trick!

Hello, Treasure here. We are sorry that we haven't been around much lately. Things have been pretty hectic around here with Ellie building up her grooming and training business, and with her focusing more on her artwork. We just wanted to post this video of Rocky and his new trick!

This is Rocky's newest trick. If you don't have the sound on, Ellie is saying, "Shame on you."

Sorry for the dark video. This was taken inside using a new camera that we don't know how to use yet.

Disclaimer: No dogs were actually scolded in this video. This is just a trick!