Monday, December 31, 2012

Silly Snow and Christmas Present Show-and-Tell!

Hello! Treasure here. It has been snowing off-and-on for the past few days. It has mostly all melted away today, though. I am so glad! I really HATE snow. This is a picture of me last year in the snow, just so you can see how horrible it is:

Do you see my disgusted face? Now look at these pictures of the boys in the snow for comparison:

I just don't understand how they think it is fun! Can somedoggy please tell me how snow can be fun?

Anyway... I just wanted to show you a few things we got for Christmas!

I got a brand-new coat! I absolutely LOVE it! I got so excited when I opened it, and figured out what it was! 

The boys were way too busy romping around in what little snow we have left to pose for a picture, but Rocky got the T-Rex, and Amp got the ball! Rocky loves the T-Rex, and he carries it around with him all of the time. He named him "Rex" for short. 

Amp hasn't quite figured out what to do with the ball yet, though... but he loves to carry stuff around with him when he gets the zoomies, so we will try to get him to run around with it and take a video!

We also got a couple of yummy bully sticks each, and a new kong toy each. What an awesome Christmas!

What did YOU get for Christmas?


  1. Treasure Girl! I miss you so much! Eddie doesn't like the snow either. Gus is like your brothers. He wants it to be deeper so he can use his face like a plow. When it's deep enough, he makes huge paths all over the back yard. It's funny! I can't wait to see you in the spring :) Tell your mama that I love your blog. She really must be talented because I can't get Eddie to type a thing!

    Samm :)

  2. I love that picture of Treasure. My dogs love the snow! Happy New Year!!


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