Friday, January 6, 2012

It's been a long time!

Hello everybody! It has been a really long time since I have posted anything! Ellie and I have been really busy dog training, grooming, and just generally having a good old time! There is one other thing that has been keeping us really busy. I have a new family! That's right... Ellie met a wonderful man human and got married!

Doesn't she look so happy? My new human's name is Devin, and he is a dog lover. In fact, I have two new dog brothers... Rocky and Amp! I struggled a little bit at first, but Ellie introduced us to each other slowly, and on neutral territory to make it easier for us. Now I love to play with both of them!



This is Amp. He is mostly long-haired dachshund, but he has a teeny tiny bit of chihuahua in him. He is about a year old, and he's full of energy! He reminds me of me when I was that age. Ellie says that he might make a good canine freestyle partner, because he has good focus on her, and tries to stay by her left leg while training... even though she has not taught him how to heel yet. He didn't really know much of anything before he met Ellie, but now he knows sit, down, stay, wait, recall, leave it, twirl (counter-clockwise circle), spin (clockwise circle), hand targeting, over (jump over legs), through (go under legs), and is working on loose leash walking. He is also learning how to chew on appropriate items, rather than pens, cardboard, plastic, and shoes. He is really good at getting me to play with him. Before I moved here, I had a hard time being in the mood to play... but Amp is an expert at inviting me to have a good romp. Ellie says I have started to act like a puppy again!

This is Rocky. He is a beagle mix of some sort. If any of you have any good guesses as to what else he might be, we would love to see them! He is about four years old, and has tons and tons of energy! Two long walks a day doesn't even come close to tiring this guy out! His excess energy comes out in anxiety, which causes Ellie some trouble getting him to focus while training. She has been trying to work on confidence building exercises with him with clicker training, and seems to have made a little bit of progress. Ellie wants to turn him into a frisbee dog, because he catches things really well! Although, he seemed to be a little bit afraid of the frisbee when she introduced it to him a couple of days ago. She'll work on it though, and get him to really like catching it! Before he met Ellie, he knew how to sit and lay down, but that's about it. Now he knows leave it, recall with very low distractions, stay, twirl, hand-targeting, watch me, shake, high five, roll over, over, and wait. Now he is working on loose-leash walking. He used to pull really really bad. So bad that Devin would have to wrap the leash around his hand several times to even keep a grip on it. Now he only pulls occasionally, and he will stop as soon as he realizes that he is doing it. Major improvement! He has a really hard time focusing, and will sometimes just wander away right in the middle of a training session... even with high-value treats, and his favorite toys as rewards. He is getting better, though.

Edit: Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I will try to post updates on all of our progress with training! I would love to hear from you all!


  1. I miss you Treasure island. Tell your brothers I said they are very handsome and don't forget to lick your mom's face. Because if i did it myself that would just be weird :)

  2. Hello Treasure !
    Wow !! Congrats to your humans for getting married ! How awesome that you now have two brothers! They are very cute !Thanks for leaving nice comments on my blog, it always makes me very happy. I know you are quite small and I'm quite big but I'm sure we could become great buddies !!!Love,Lincoln

  3. Treasure the DachshundJanuary 8, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    Hello Lincoln! My humans say thank you! It is really good to hear from you again. Thank you for stopping by!

    ~Treasure the Dachshund

  4. Treasure the DachshundJanuary 8, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    Hello Shannon! I lick my mom's face every day! You are right, it would be really weird if you licked my mom's face.

    ~Treasure the Dachshund

  5. Honey the Great DaneJanuary 8, 2012 at 8:53 PM

    Hi Treasure – first of all, a big CONGRATULATIONS to your human! She looks so pretty in her wedding dress – my human, Hsin-Yi, just LOVES that cake! It looks like something from a fairytale – wow! So beautiful!

    And a big well done to your human also for all the great work she has been doing training your new brothers! Wow – it sounds like she has been really busy – it was amazing to read about all the things that she's taught them but it sounds like she's doing a wonderful job. She must be an amazing dog trainer and handler!

    Looking forward to hearing lots more about your adventures with your new family!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Treasure the DachshundJanuary 8, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Hello Honey! Thank you for stopping by my blog! It's good to hear from you! My human, Ellie, says thank you!

    She has been extremely busy training all of us. She says that it's a lot more difficult training three of us than when it was just me. Now there are several different things between three of us doggies that she needs to work on! It's almost enough to make her dizzy! She has been training us to calmly lay down on the couch while she is working with one of us, so that we are not all trying to get the treat at once. It's tough! I just want to get in there and show of my tricks to the boys, but she says I can't until my turn. We are all learning.

    Thanks again for stopping by! Ellie tells me to tell you that she has received a lot of inspiration and motivation to train by reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

    ~Treasure the Dachshund

  7. Hi Treasure - Happy New Year and Woweee! What an exciting start to the year you are having! Thank you for saying hello and sharing your wonderful news.  Congratulations and your human looks beautiful in her wedding dress..nice to hear from you and I look forward to visiting more. Good luck with your new family..they all look like super guys xx

  8. Hi Treasure,

    Firstly we would like say congratulations to your human and her new husband!!! :)  And thank you for visiting our blog, it's very nice to meet you!

    It must be very exciting having a new family, I'm sure the 3 of you will become great friends.  Rocky and Amp sure look fun and friendly :) 

    Sounds like your human has been putting in a lot of training to get them a well trained as you!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  9. Treasure the DachshundJanuary 11, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    Hello Zola! Happy New Year to you as well! Thank you for stopping by!

    ~Treasure the Dachshund

  10. Treasure the DachshundJanuary 11, 2012 at 10:46 AM

    Hello! My human says thank you very much! It is very exciting to have a new family. There is never a dull moment around here... 

    Thank you for stopping by!

    ~Treasure the Dachshund


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